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Nicholas Goodman has a background in massage therapy and psychotherapy. He has worked in hospice centres and has led therapeutic retreats in the American Southwest. In his work, he provides spiritual and emotional care to his clients, and has been privileged to companion clients from initial diagnosis to the moment of death.

Meet The Author

A Moment with Grace

By Nick Goodman

Life can only truly be celebrated when the lamentation of its loss has been fully embraced. A Moment with Grace follows one man’s beautiful, heartbreaking, and redemptive journey on his quest to find the meaning of life. Travelling throughout Greece, France, and England, he explores the heights of love and experiences the depths of grief, at times with his beloved Grace by his side, and at times alone. His diary is his constant companion, offering a place for exploration, reflection, questions, and sanctuary. Its pages hold poetry, love letters, and a blossoming philosophy of life, love, and loss.

Are the questions of love and loss unanswerable? Perhaps we are all just at the mercy of fate or divine forces. Yet, meaning might be found if we look in the right places, if we are open to the wisdom born of our experiences.

What The Critics Say


Best Author Of His Generation

His books will change your perspective on life

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

A Moment with Grace is a lovely mixture of poetry, prose, narration, and reflection. It follows the author’s journey through seduction, love, life, death, and grief. These themes, among others, are intertwined, layered with mythology, nature, imagination, and spirituality. Readers who love a love story will love this book! Readers who are looking for meaning in life and death will find solace and hope in these pages. Readers who are walking through grief will find a companion in this book.

F.P. Victoria, B.C.

“A literary masterpiece that everyone should read! Nicholas has a writing style unlike anything I have read before. Mixing poetry, prose, letters and diary entries he conveys his tragic love story. He is a musician with his words, and we are all blessed to hear his lyrical song in A Moment with Grace. Thanks for sharing your life teachings and book with me.

J.D. Halifax, N.S.

“Nicholas assisted my family and my husband after he was diagnosed with a life limiting illness. He was courteous, knowledgeable and above all present. His teachings enriched my life and assisted my entire family with my husbands passing. I am happy to see that his theories and experiences are now recorded in his debut book.”

J.W. Barrie, Ontario

“A unique examination of the human heart. With the use of mythology, philosophy and poetry, Nicholas explores the depths of human heart and leads readers on an emotional journey. Whether you have lost a loved one or are searching for meaning in life reading A Moment with Grace will benefit you.”

A.N. Ottawa, Ontario

“I struggled for years trying to cope with the loss of my mother and found therapy repetitive. I was fortunate to attend one of Nicholas’ grief workshops, and afterward my life completely changed. The workshop focused on A Moment with Grace and offered applicable wisdom from its pages. Nicholas invited me to interact with my grief and to ceremoniously engage with life. Since attending I have found peace, happiness and purpose.

What a marvelous man, and what an astonishing masterpiece he has created!”

T.H. Barrie, Ontario

“The quintessential transformative read! A Moment with Grace will challenge your preconceived beliefs about sexuality, love, life and death.”

B.F. Newmarket, Ontario

“A book of incredible depths. I have read A Moment with Grace three times and every time I have walked away with a new perspective. At first, I enjoyed the romance, love and sensuality. But after finishing it the first time I recognized the deeper spiritual allegory. I invite everyone to read it and see which strata they descend to.”

A.B. Innisfil, Ontario

“Nick was my addiction counsellor several years ago. He has a magical outlook on life that is contagious! I’m thrilled that he has released his debut book so that the world can benefit from his teachings about love, life death and spirituality.”

B.T. Toronto, Ontario

“I am an avid reader who enjoys a beautiful love story, and to date I have not found one that evokes as much emotion as A Moment with Grace. It is a celebration of love and a testament to the eternal bond of soulmates. A must read for romantics and spiritual seekers.”

A.P. Edmonton, Alberta

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