Nicholas Goodman has a background in massage therapy and psychotherapy. He has worked in hospice centres and has led therapeutic retreats in the American Southwest. In his work, he provides spiritual and emotional care to his clients, and has been privileged to companion clients from initial diagnosis to the moment of death.
Nicholas is a philosopher, troubadour and poet and spends his free time exploring the world and writing about his experiences. Nicholas’ writing style is confessional, and he says, “I have to live it before I can write about it.” This has led him to actively participate with life and seek out experiences that are worth documenting.
When Nicholas isn’t off traveling, he lives in Barrie Ontario with his two children.

I was raised on a twenty-five-acre farm in the small town of Queensville, Ontario. I spent most of my youth shooting guns, driving four wheelers and breaking my legs. Despite growing up on a farm I don’t have any pets. I lived a destructive life until a radical life change at twenty-five. I’ve been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since February 16, 2009. My favourite book is The Iliad, and my favourite author is Albert Camus. I have visited the Gravesites of Albert Camus, William Shakespeare and Soren Kierkegaard. I even journeyed to Missolonghi Greece to the location where Lord Byron’s heart is buried. I have an eclectic music collection from 2pac Shakur to Loreena Mckennitt. My favourite country (aside from Canada) is Greece. I read and write Greek well, and can fumble my way through a conversation. I play the Navajo flute.

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“I have to live it before I can write about it.”

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