A Moment with Grace


Life can only truly be celebrated when the lamentation of its loss has been fully embraced. A Moment with Grace follows one man’s beautiful, heartbreaking, and redemptive journey on his quest to find the meaning of life. Travelling throughout Greece, France, and England, he explores the heights of love and experiences the depths of grief, at times with his beloved Grace by his side, and at times alone. His diary is his constant companion, offering a place for exploration, reflection, questions, and sanctuary. Its pages hold poetry, love letters, and a blossoming philosophy of life, love, and loss.

Are the questions of love and loss unanswerable? Perhaps we are all just at the mercy of fate or divine forces. Yet, meaning might be found if we look in the right places, if we are open to the wisdom born of our experiences.



Chapter 1: Paramour.

My Dearest Love,

Today when the desire to taste your lips became more than I could bear, I grabbed you by your delicate hand and whisked you away into a dark room. I felt your feet dragging with apprehension, weighed down by the heaviness of fear, but I also felt the pulse in your fingertips crying out to me with excitement. When we entered the darkness, we were welcomed back into a familiar land; we were welcomed back into the night behind closed doors, with only the privacy of our secret. There is no denying that we belong in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of the sun, away from that damned tyrant of darkness that wishes only to steal you away from me. Curse that wretched light that intrudes on our obscurity and violates the sanctity of our affair. We will defy its imposed laws, and live in the nocturnal shadows where dreams are conceived. To the outside world you’re my paramour, but in our hearts and souls we know what we are—we are kindred spirits who dare to defy conventional methods of falling in love, we are outsiders who stage our rebellion against traditional matrimony. You’re mine as I am yours, whether they know it or not, this love story is merely complemented by their ignorance to its creation. Let the world have its light, let the daytime have its sun. I renounce them both if it means that I can live in the night with you.


Chapter 4: Emergence

These moments we are creating are strung together like pearls on a necklace, these moments that are perfected into the story of you and me. Has there ever been a greater love story—a story of such poetic alchemy, mixing the finest elements of love and passion? Although I am sure there has, I’d like to pretend that we are the first, that we will be pioneers on a pilgrimage to a new land. Even if we are not the first to traverse this path, I know that this necklace that we string together is unique in itself. Every pearl represents a mastered moment that we co-created in spiritual harmony, and the string that binds them is woven of our souls’ thread. And I know that when we finish forging this masterpiece, at the end of our lives, we will freely release these pearls with our last breath, knowing well that we fully lived.


Chapter 6: Rising into Love

On the rocky shores of the island of Monemvasia, my beloved Grace and I stood. The Aegean waves lapped against the sharp volcanic rock and splashed up unexpectedly with playful delight. Like small children, they enticed us to come and play with them. We kicked our shorts from our legs and jumped into the water to swim out into the sapphire blue sea. Lying on our backs, we gazed up at the towering ramparts of a looming castle that has stood there for almost a thousand years. The rocks on the castle were polished smooth by the masons, as well as water and time, two creative forces that participate in fashioning all of men’s prolific endeavours. Floating in the sapphire flood, we linked hands and gave ourselves to the mercy of the waves. I could not help but wonder how many lovers had done exactly the same thing in all of the centuries before. How many have floated in the waves as if this day would never end? How many have been so lost in a transient moment that they touched the face of eternity? Just

then, a big wave crept up unexpectedly and dunked our heads under the surface. Spitting out seawater, we both laughed through squinted eyes until the water had completely trickled from our brows. Kicking her legs, she swam toward me and wrapped them tightly around my waist. Lifting herself out of the water, she looked down at me with a stern softness that demanded I kiss her. The taste of the salt water on her lips, the hot Mediterranean sun on our skin, the sound of the waves crashing off the craggy coastline, and the ever-vigilant ramparts of a thousand-year-old castle all came together to paint a divine masterpiece, with her and me at the centre of it.

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